About IcingMagic

  • We are a distributor of cake decorating supplies for photo cake technology.
  • We evaluate the newest hardware improvements for compatibility with photocake printing.
  • We analyze your problems to develop maintenance procedures and solutions.
  • We publish technical updates through our Newsletter and our Help Website 
  • We share innovative ideas & new applications for our technology with our customers.
  • We strive to make our products easy for you to use and profitable for your business

Technical support is always available for our products & research for improvement is a constant goal.
We endeavor to maintain the high standard of service excellence one hopes to find in a small business.

IcingMagic Concept:
High quality personal photos on cakes & graphic images custom printed.
Cake decorating with edible ink and easy to use Icing Sheets.
Our Icing Sheets merge completely with your frosting to create personalized, extra-special desserts for every occasion.

As you browse these pages we are sure you will enjoy the care
and love we put into all our goods and services.