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Red Edible Ink Refill Bottle 2oz

IcingMagic premium edible ink refills in a convenient 2 oz. size. Black, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Photo Cyan, Photo Magenta, Green and Red.  All IcingMagic edible inks are FDA approved and Kosher. Made in the USA!

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    IcingMagic premium edible ink refills in a convenient 2 oz. size are designed to print on icing sheets, frosting sheets, edible paper, icing images.  Simply draw up the edible ink with a clean syringe and inject our premium brand edible inks into your refillable edible ink cartridges.  Refilling is easy & best way make your edible ink cartridges last longer. We suggest that you only refill your edible ink cartridges 4 times.

    IcingMagic's edible inks are FDA compliant and the best quality inks for your cake and edible ink requirements, producing beautiful prints for cake decorators and bakeries. Print with IcingMagic's Premium Edible Inks for Incredible Cakes!

    IcingMagic Edible Colors are intended for use only in IcingMagic Color Cartridges. The manufacturer does not recommend use for any other purpose.  If you mix our ink with different brand or manufacturer's there can be color or recognition issue.  For the best results purchase our brand new complete set of edible cartridges.

    The syringe included should be used ONLY for this product and cleaned/sterilized between uses. DO NOT USE this product in cartridges that have had non-edible ink in them. This could be hazardous to your health. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

    Instructions for use

    Step 1: Be sure the edible ink cartridge is clean & prepared for filling. Examine the wicks at the outlet holes to be sure each color is pure & clear (black, cyan, magenta & yellow). Replace orange cartridge cap with silicone seal & lock in place. Remove label to find rubber plug underneath, remove plug with pin or needle & save.

    Step 2: Shake bottle before using. Inject reservoir 1/16" below opening neck. DO NOT OVERFILL. You may inject 1 or 2cc color into vent hole to 'prime' the edible ink cartridge. Clean syringe between colors. Rinse edible ink cartridge under warm water. Dry with paper towel Replace rubber plug & seal with a small piece of tape before using. Clean syringe thoroughly & repeat each color.

    IcingMagic recommends a maximum refill amount of 9cc each color and 15cc for PGI thick black. Our cartridges are rated for a greater capacity but residual fluid may lead to overfilling & leakage. Leakage can also cause other problems with the print head & other internal printer components.

    NOTE FOR ALL CAKE PRINTERS: Be sure your print head is properly cleaned using Cleaner Cartridges or Power Flush tool & all components (cartridges, head, etc...) are clean & dry before reassembling.

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